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Free DepEd Commons Access, Offered This image was taken from the website of the Department of Education (DepEd) | Read: GSIS  the creation and dissemination of digital resources through the DepEd Commons repository for Open Educational Resources: https://commons.deped. . 4 days ago for Open Educational Resources: . DepEd Commons is a work in progress and a rapidly evolving and  Mar 25, 2021 The DepEd Commons ( can be accessed free of data charge in cooperation with the Department of Information and  Mar 16, 2021 6) click this link 7) click login and click deped commons teachers.

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In some cases, the verification email goes to the Spam folder that’s why users cannot see it promptly. DepEd Email Account Registration Video Tutorial Courtesy of Sir Janus Salinas OER Commons - Open Education Resources Visit Site. Professional Development, Learning Material, Teacher's Guide, Learning Guide, Learning Module, Full 5) After activating your commons account. 6) click this link 7) click login and click deped commons teachers. 8) input deped email account and password created. 9) click login and click authorize.

Enter School ID (To be provided by the teacher to their students). 4.

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Message us The DepEd Commons is envisioned to be a constantly evolving portal that provides students and teachers access to free and quality learning resources in a sustainable manner. The ultimate goal is to have teachers and learners actively creatingoriginal content and improving these for the DepEd Commons. How to access Deped Commons via google.😊 - YouTube.


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Then input either your School ID or School Name on the space just below your selected school type. Kindly check the correct spelling and location of the school. DepEd Commons. The DepEd Commons is an online platform for public school teachers to support distance learning modalities. It was designed as a direct solution to give access to online review materials and Open Educational Resources (OER) during class suspensions and other similar circumstances.

Visit our website at and our Facebook community. Read more About Us . Email: support[@] Message us 2020-04-24 Deped Commons Teachers Forgotten your username or password?
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OK. Select Tenant. How to Access DepEd Commons and Start Using Available Online Educational Resources (OER) Open an Internet browser and on the address bar, type in the DepEd Commons URL: then press Enter. Select your school type (Private or Public). This service of FREE access is brought to you by DepEd and Globe/Smart in cooperation with DICT and NTC. Important note: Links on the DepEd Commons page that require you to access the internet outside the Commons Domain, is beyond this coverage and may incur standard data charges.

1 | Open an Internet browser and on the address bar, type in the DepEd Commons or then hit Enter. 2 | Select your school type ( Private  By simply logging-in to using smartphones or personal computer, you will be directed to the site which provides lessons and worksheets   DepEd Commons is a platform built on the concept of our Grado Network where resources and learning materials are being shared, discovered, reviewed and  Mar 22, 2021 Pascua further emphasized.
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Guintas Elementary School Facebook

2021 – Supplemental Guidelines on the Grant of Cash Allowance to Teachers; March 2, 2021 DO 012, s. 2021 – Amendment to DepEd Order No. 030, s. 2020 (Amendment to DepEd Order No. 007, s. 2020, School Calendar and Activities for SY 2020-2021) The DepEd Commons educational platform continues to improve and grow in resources. It has become an important tool for both… Read More » PowerPoint Presentations (ETULAY) Now Available In DepEd Commons Pwede mong i-access ang DepEd Commons website dito: Ayon kay Pascua, nasa 'initial stages' pa lang ang website kaya hindi pa ito kumpleto o perpekto.