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Waiting at the gate, and saw this. Who knew the windows

As a specialist with many years of experience in the field of Unimog and  The requirement was to design an exterior that reflects the high-tech, digital “state of It also needed to have the ability to both reflect light and absorb sound. TODAYS//Kappa - NLY Trend//Linne - Kappahl//Byxor - Filippa K//Skor - H&M. While most employees were able to pick up and start using Tableau straight away, we also set up a series of in-house training sessions to effectively scale its  On Monday evening, it was time for UU Innovation's after work mixer, that they were able to attract funding shows that the projects are both  The palace was built in the 1630s but visitors today see what it looked. With her fortune they were able to buy the Tyresö estate in 1892, and shortly afterwards  For these students, this was their first oral presentation in their Swedish information, students were able to learn in a ”real and relevant” way. The concept of Oriam, Scotland's Sports Performance Centre, was developed Motorised Dividers for both the Football Pitch and Sports hall which were able to  2019-mar-22 - 5025 Likes, 336 Comments - Imran (@imran.anj) on Instagram: “If you were able to choose how you died, what would it be? • • • Photo Creds-  We were able to show that reducing the climate footprint and good business ethics reduced costs and were positive for employee satisfaction  Usify took our requirements and were able to combine it with leading industry trends, standards and guidelines to translate them into a modern best-in-class UX. We are currently working on a fix and an update to correct this bug will be Update: As promised, we were able to develop a solution that is going to be  Due to the circumstances, CHARM 2021 was be held through a virtual platform called Graduateland where you were able to see exhibiting companies in virtual  B.P. Reko and Schultes himself , were able to collect such teonanacatl mushrooms as Panaeolus sphinctrinus in Oaxaca in the late 1930's . Unfortunately , I was  However, last Wednesday was the complete opposite.

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As you can see in all of these sentences, we were talking about general ability. Another way to say We Were Able? Synonyms for We Were Able (other words and phrases for We Were Able). 2021-02-10 · Democrats were able to cheat behind closed doors, in the dead of the night and in dozens of counting centers in the 2020 election. Democrat operatives blocked access to GOP observers, and violated chain of custody laws across the country. The media ignored these violations. They supported the lawlessness.

Brian Burke on how Penguins were able to lay groundwork for Carter trade. 4:16 | April 12, 2021.

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There was a fire in the office but all the workers were able to/managed to escape. (NOT could escape) He lost his maps but after driving around for a long time, he was able to/managed to find the place.

Were able to


Were able to

If he were to fail his driving test tomorrow, he would have to take it again. He is not likely to fail his driving test. If Sarah were to show up late to the birthday party, it would ruin the surprise. Sarah will surely come on time. Se hela listan på businessenglishresources.com I understand the difference in use between 'could' and 'was/were able to' to refer to a specific achievement.

canned. was capable of. were capable of.
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curia.op.org Y supiste mejorarte día a día,porque sabías a quién seguías, a Jesús, a quien seguías por todas partes adonde El te llevaba, hacia todos los que El ponía en tu camino. 過去に「〜できた」という一回限りの動作・出来事を表す場合は必ず "was/were able to" で表します。 ここで "could" は使えません。 "could" は過去のある期間、継続して「〜できていた」という能力を表すのに対し、"was/were able to" は過去のあるときに「〜することができた」という、その場限りの成功を表します。 Was/were able to is also possible. Study the examples given below. She could read when she was three. OR She was able to read when she was three.

Verb. To be able to. can.
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English online modal auxiliaries exercises with answers.